Marriage vs. Legal Union


Why the gay community in the State of North Carolina and all states of the union

should support the legal union of domestic partners and not marriage.



Legal Union for Same Gender Couples

It is an institution

Not an institution.

It has all of the trappings of the straight world

Have the legal rights afforded straight couples with out the trappings of the straight world.

Currently and for the past 30 years only 50% viable.

No data available for legal union viability.


It is of deep religious origin

Legal origin and not of any religion or spiritual path.

Most religious orders forbid homosexuality, thus it will being crossing the line of church and state. This was the problem with the county ordinance in Miami-Dade County of Florida in 1977. It crossed the line.

Being of legal origin only there will be no conflict of church and state.


In the Christian faith, Jesus view of church and state was to render unto Caesar (the state) what is Caesar�s and unto God (religion) what is God�s.


Gay and Lesbian brothers and sisters it makes no political or logical sense to pursue the path of marriage that is very divisive.  Inform your local, state and national gay and lesbian leaders that legal union is the positive approach to equality and marriage is the negative approach at this time as it will only divide this state and country even more.  Let us respect the religious beliefs and feelings of our fellow countrymen and take the time to educate, enlighten and inform them that the Constitution and The Bill of Rights of the United States pertain to all citizens of this country.  In the future the nation will be ready for gay and lesbian marriage but until that time this legal union will provide the necessary vehicle form for legal equality.

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